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February 06, 2016
Action Center
Helmets to Hardhats
Helping Veterans transition from active duty into the construction trades
Mesothelioma Center
The most up to date info on Asbestos and Mesothelioma cancer, with info ranging from list of top doctors, treatment centers, survival rates and steps to take after a diagnosis.
Asbestos Cancer
Exposure to toxic asbestos fibers can lead to deadly mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma Guide offers easy to understand information to patients about their prognosis, doctors, and support groups.
Asbestos Legal Help
Legal help, by state, for anyone needing a attorney for asbestos exposure.
All USA Clothing
All clothing is made in the USA
What's coming up...


02/01     E-Board Meeting - Feb. - 5 pm

02/11     Union Meeting - 6 pm

02/12     Maryland Retirees Breakfast

02/25     Virginia Retirees Breakfast

02/29     E-Board Meeting - March - 5 pm


03/10     Union Meeting - 6 pm

03/11     Maryland Retirees Breakfast

03/16     Red Cross Blood Drive 12-6 pm

03/24     Virginia Retirees Breakfast



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The strength of the team is each individual member.  The strength of each member is the TEAM.

What's New at IUEC 10
A moment for a fallen brother
As Super Bowl 50 approaches this Sunday, February 7, 2016, we, Brothers and Sisters of the IUEC, have another reason to watch, besides our love of the game.  This amazing stadium has the heart and soul, inside of it, of one of our own.  We lost Brother Donald E White, Jr. Local #8, in the building of the stadium.  Outside of the 501 Club, in the southeast corner of the stadium, there is a plaque, under a birch tree that reads, "In memory of Donald E. White Jr. International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 8".  Don watches over the stadium, his wife and his sons, cheering on his favorite team.  This is a wonderful article, , done by Lars Anderson.  This article is a reminder of how, in our trade and many others, it takes only a split second to change your whole life.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Dons entire family, every day.  We lost a brother, his wife lost a husband, his children a loving father.  So, this Sunday, before the game comes on, say a few words to Don.  Let him know that he will never be forgotten and every time we see Levi Stadium, or watch a game there, we know he is watching as well.  Rest in peace, Brother, you will never be forgotten.
Mark your calendar
Sonny has asked me to give everyone the date for the Annual Picnic at Camp Letts for 2016.  We have no other information, yet, but the picnic will be on Saturday June 18, 2016 from 12 noon to 5 pm.  As soon as Sonny puts everything else in place, I will do an update.  Come back to the website and check it out.
School snow number
For all students.  Please remember that we follow the snow schedule for University of Maryland, College Park campus, for our apprenticeship school.  If you need to know if you have school, please call the University of Maryland Snow Number at 301-985-7669.  They usually have the directions, for any given day, listed on this number after 2:00 pm.  Please do not call the Hall.  The girls do not go to school, so they have no idea if you have school or not.
Please be careful
OK. It is coming.  They don't really know when it will start or how much it will be, but they do know it is going to be BIG!  Please be very careful.  We all know that every elevator company out there has 1 or more guys who are on night call.  The biggest part of this storm is suppose to be tonight, but it is also suppose to snow with high winds all day on Saturday.  We all know that trap calls are of the utmost importance, but your safety is just as important.  If you are in danger trying to get there, just remember, the fire department can always get the rider out and you can fix the elevator when you can safely get to the job.  Our companies are always preaching safety, so you need to practice that to the hilt.  Use your best judgement.  If you don't feel safe doing something, DON'T DO IT !!!
Christmas in April ...That time again

Wow.  The time is flying.  Here we are in January and Christmas in April is approaching quickly.  Mr. Mike Herrity will be at the February and March Union meetings to accept sign ups for anyone interested in being involved with this yearly project.  Local #10 and our members have been involved with the Christmas in April project for the last 14 - 15 years.  We love giving back to the communities that we work in.  All our work stays with people, in need, right here in our home towns.  We have helped wounded warriors, WWII veterans, grandmothers down on their luck, and families who just can't afford or just can't do repairs on their own.  If you are unable to make a meeting and sign up, Tammie will be taking sign ups at the Hall as well.  You can contact Mike at or by phone at 540-219-8909.

We would love to get enough members to assist on as many repairs as needed by the home owner.  Please join us in this labor of love.  When that home owner hugs you and tells you how much of a difference you just made in their life, you will never have a better feeling.

Giving Back
Please put the date on your calendar.  Local #10 will be having a blood drive, with the American Red Cross, on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 from 1pm - 6pm here at the Union Hall.  We used to do a drive once a year, but have not had one in a couple of years.  Please consider coming in and donating.  There are people who are sick, been in accidents, gotten cut, or have an inheritable illness, that need blood numerous times a day or numerous times in their life time.  Blood supply has to be replenished on a daily basis.  This is an amazing way to help your bothers, your neighbor, your mom, your sister or friend.  You never know when someone close to you may need blood to save their life.  I will be sitting in a chair doing my part and I hope that many of you will join me.
Words of Wisdom

Unity is strength....when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

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